The Super People Series : Part 1

In continuation with my FB page, there are certain posts that I would like to share on this blog as well. I am sure you will enjoy reading this one!

Super People : Profile Antima Khanna

The Artisan
The Artisan

“Ohh I was great at sports… I loved dancing… yes, I was a pro at playing guitar…”, we all have heard such things from our friends, family, colleagues all the time. But as we grow up, we tend to quit things we loved just because we grow more rational and practical and yess, “this stream is more money-minting, it has great scope and all that blah blah”. Of course, we all love and respect our jobs for the paycheck it provides us with us to sustain decently. But here it’s all about those sooper people who did not give life an excuse about missing out on their passion.

Jewellery piece 1

So, we introduce you to our very first super being of the “Sooper-People” series – Antima Khanna. Artisan+ Asst. Manager (Corp.Finance) is what her profile reads. She is a number cruncher by profession, poetry lover, swears by arts and crafts (she stops by at every handicraft shop she sees and have attended almost every exhibition), a photography enthusiast who can be found on weekends strolling through the narrow passages of “purani dilli” to delight her with antique pieces. Her daily routine is spent in a sports management firm – Anglian Management Group. But unlike us, after packing up her daily job, she heads back to her home;unleash her creative instinct and shape up her dreams.

jewellery piece 2

Her penchant for handicrafts just doesn’t end at admiring some worthy pieces but surpasses to the extent of keeping her awake till late to create her own jewelry pieces, postcards, diaries etc. etc. She started her website a year back, which is getting a lot of views, in between her hectic work schedule and retails her pieces on the same. And we are glad to share that she is definitely making it big. It is inspiring to come across a person whose work did not deter her to fulfill her dream and didn’t let that “if” moment comes into her life.



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